linksync syncs business app data

We’ve been building integration between business apps for years. Now we’ve taken it to the cloud.

Who We Are

You often hear of business ideas that were dreamed up over a few drinks with friends. That’s not linksync. Sometimes you hear about businesses that started out in a garage (or broom cupboard) and grew into something impressive. That’s not linksync either.

We formed linksync because we had clients who needed to share data between their business apps, and at the time the only option was to build expensive, custom developed solutions for those clients.

Our roots are in building online stores, and after many years of building successful stores for our clients, and building sometimes very complex integration between those stores and other back-end systems, we recognized a growing need beyond our immediate clients for simple, effective and reliable means for keeping data in sync between online (someone say cloud?) and off-line business systems.

Historically our client sites were built using the open source content management system Drupal, so that’s where we started when we first launched linksync, but we also built linksync to grow beyond that, to enable communication between all manner of systems, hence the term ‘linksync’.

linksync is backed by a growing team of talented nerds who love using technology to help our clients solve common business problems.

Got a question for us? Go ahead and contact us. We’d love to hear from you.


Campbell Angus
Founder and CEO,

Our History



Launched linksync, taking our integration experience and making it affordable, reliable and efficient, for anyone that needs to keep data synchronized between online and offline business apps.



Continued to grow our client base of online stores, and with it, extended integration capabilities to include a range of online and offline business apps. Notable clients include Pioneer Australia – a project that included syncing product and sales data between the online store and the corporate back-end systems.



Built the our first integration between an online store and an offline inventory management system – MYOB RetailManager. On-demand syncing of 16,000 products between MYOB RetailManager and the online store.



Started building online stores using the open source content management system (CMS) Drupal. Our love for Drupal knows no bounds.